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3D Vina phân phối thiết bị đo lường hãng Unimetro:
Detailed Product Description
Camera:Industrial Grade 1/2″ Color CCD CameraMagnification:33-195X
Driving System:Full Close-loop CNC Control, AC Servo Motor, 3 Axis Automatic And Programmable, Joystick Control, Keyboard ControlLinear Scale Resolution:1um / 0.5um / 0.25um / 0.1um For Optional
Measuring Software:Rational Vue 3D Composite Measuring Software

3D Composite Vision Measurement Machine Fully-Automatic Programmable



The Delicate series vision measurement machine designed and created by UNIMETRO, is a composite vision measurement machine. It is built based on advanced technology of optics, probing, laser sensor and motion control, which ensures the accuracy, repeatability and motion performance. The Delicate series is an outstanding device for accurate inspection, QC, and the production.

The Delicate series vision measurement machine is a high-quality composite measurement instrument with coordinates measuring and optical vision technology, which is sourced from German structure design.


1. 000 grade granite machine base, working table and gantry, to ensure the structure stability of the machine during movement.

2. Close-loop motion control system, coordinated with the high-accuracy hardware , the machine axis positioning can be fast and accurate.

3. Renishaw linear scale embedded,to offer high measuring accuracy and stable performance.

4. Using original Panasonic servo motors to increase the movement speed, ragidity and stability.

5. High-accuracy linear guideway guarantees the accuracy and stability of the movement.

6. Multiple option for lens or cameras based on customers’ requirements, to satisfy different vision measuring requirement.

7. RationalVue 3D composite software available:

2D inspection software + 3D inspection software + CAD reversal software + Form analysing software + contour scanning software + SPC statistical software + off-line programming software + tolerance valuation Software.

Open Options

CCD optical lens – Different solution for option based on different measuring objects, in order to gain                                           faster and more stable image based on different measuring requirements.

Touch probe       – To achieve 3D measuring

Laser sensors     – For height, depth and flatness non-contact measuring


ModelDelicate 400 CNCDelicate 500 CNCDelicate 600 CNC
Dimension (mm)1300*1100*18001400*1200*18001500*1300*1800
Measuring range (mm)X400500600
Measuring accuracy (um)3+L/1005+L/100
Weight (KG)180025003000
Image and Measuring SystemCameraIndustrial grade 1/2″ color CCD camera
Objective lensManual detented zoom lens/Autozoom lens 0.7-4.5X/Navitar lens for optional
Vision field8.1-1.3
Working distance108mm
Measuring resolution0.001mm
Linear scale resolution1um / 0.5um / 0.25um / 0.1um for optional
Driving SystemFull close-loop CNC control, AC servo motor, 3 axis automatic and programmable, joystick control, keyboard control
Measuring softwareRational Vue 3D composite measuring software
IlluminationProgrammable 8 sections ring LED for surface light, 40 sections ring LED for option, LED parallel contour light, co-axial light for option.
Power supply220V±10%(AC)50Hz, grounding with resistance≦4Ω is required
Working environmentTemperature: 18-24°C, Humidity: 30%-75%, Avoid vibration

Application on customers’ site

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