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Base unit: 

  • Maximum sample height: 33 mm (when used with LVNU5AI U5AI nosepiece and LV-S32 3×2 stage / LV-S64 6×4 stage)
    * 73 mm when used with one column riser 12V50W internal power source for dimmer, coarse and fine adjustment knobs
  • Left: coarse and fine adjustment / Right: fine adjustment, 40 mm stroke Coarse adjustment: 14 mm/turn (with torque adjustment, refocusing mechanism)
  • Fine adjustment: 0.1 mm/turn (1 μm/graduation) Stage mounting hole intervals: 70 x 94 (fixed by 4-M4 screw)

Nosepieces: LV-NU5 Motorized Universal Quintuple Nosepiece (High-durability motorized 5-hole universal nosepiece)

Episcopic Illuminator:

  • LV-LH50PC 12V50W Precentered Lamphouse HG precentered fiber illuminator: C-HGFIE (with light adjustment: PC controlled) *option
  • Motorized operation and control of illumination selector turret
  • Motorized aperture stop linked to brightfield/ darkfield selector (automatic optimization matched to objective lens), field diaphragm (centerable)
  • Accepts ø 25 mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4), polarizer/analyzer, λ plate, excitation light balancer; equipped with noise terminator

Diascopic Illumniator: 

  • LV-LH50PC 12V50W Precentered Lamphouse (Fly Eye optical system)
  • Internal aperture, field diaphragm, filter (ND8, NCB11); transmitted/ reflected selector switch; 12V100W also available (option)

Eyepiece tubes: 

  • LV-TI3 trinocular eyepiece tube ESD (Erected image, FOV: 22/25)
  • LV-TT2 TT2 tilting trinocular eyepiece tube (Erected image, FOV: 22/25)
  • C-TB binocular tube (Inverted image, FOV: 22)
  • P-TB Binocular Tube (Inverted image, FOV: 22)
  • P-TT2 Trinocular Tube (Inverted image, FOV: 22)


  • LV-S32 3×2 stage (Stroke: 75 x 50 mm with glass plate) ESD compatible
  • LV-S64 6×4 stage (Stroke: 150 x 100 mm with glass plate) ESD compatible
  • LV-S6 6×6 stage (Stroke: 150 x 150 mm) ESD compatible

Eyepieces: CFI eyepiece series

Objective lenses: Industrial Microscope CFI60-2/CFI60 optical system Objective lens series: Combinations in accordance with the observation method

ESD performance: 1000 to 10V, within 0.2 sec. (excluding certain accessories)

Power consumption: 1.2A/90W

Weight: Approximately 10kg

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