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HK-E3 Series camera adopt SONY Exmor CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB3.0 is used as the data transfer interface.
HK-E3 Series camera’s resolutions range from 0.4M to 20M and come with the integrated CNC aluminum alloy compact housing.
HK-E3 Series camera comes with advanced video & image processing application HKBasic; Providing Windows/Linux/ OSX multiple platforms SDK; Native C/C++, C#, DirectShow, Twain Control API;
HK-E3 Series camera use the latest Sony Exmor sensor which have the highest sensitivity and lowest noise with the help of 2 CDS(correlated double sampling) procedure. This feature guarantee that the HK-E3 Series camera is perfect for fluorescence microscope application, astronomy application and other dark field application, as well as the bright field application.
HK-E3 Series camera can be used to replace the traditional CCD camera to some extent since its unique features, including high sensitivity, low noise, and group shutter (only some sensor has group shutter). Thanks to USB3.0, the frame rate is fast and 8bit, 12/14bit data transfer can be available and switchable.

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