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Weighing capacity30 Kg
Minimum weighing value0.01 g
Repeatability (standard deviation) * 10.015 g (for 20 kg)
Linearity±0.2 g
Sensitivity drift (10 to 30°C / 50 to 86°F)±3 ppm / °C
Accuracy immediately after internal calibration * 2±1.5 g
Operating environment5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F), 85%RH or less (no condensation)
Display refresh rate5 times/second or 10 times/second
Display mode * 3Gram, kilogram (for MC-100KS only), ounce, pound, pound-ounce, troy ounce, metric carat, momme, pennyweight, grain, counting mode, percent mode, density mode, and a user-programmable unit
Standard interfaceRS-232C
Weighing pan size270 x 210 mm
External dimensions300 (W) x 355 (D) x 111 (H) mm
Net weightApprox. 9.3 kg
Power consumptionApprox. 11 VA (supplied to the AC adapter)

* 1 Repeatability when the auto-centering pan or an automatic weight loader is used under good environmental conditions.
* 2 Accuracy immediately after internal calibration performed under good environmental conditions. The values are for the weighing capacities.
* 3 Either tael (Singapore/HK jewelry/Taiwan) or tola can be added upon request.

It’s not easy to find high performance, quality mass comparators that meet your budget, is it? Discover how A&D, an ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratory as well as being a weighing equipment manufacturer, can finally solve such problems for you —.

1Enhanced stabilizing filter

High resolution balances like the MC series can respond to even the slightest environmental disturbances. For smooth and accurate mass comparison, the MC series is equipped with a special
stabilizing function that copes with the effect of drafts or vibrations.

2Simplified calibration of the balance

Using the internal mass, you can ensure the balance accuracy with one key press when changes to the environment (such as temperature or location) take place. The internal mass value can be
corrected as necessary.

3Various options to minimize possible measurement errors

Even under a perfectly controlled weighing environment, there still remain errors that can arise from operation. The following tools are effective in managing such errors:

 Auto-centering pan (available for MC-1000/6100/10K/30K)

Corrects eccentric loading automatically by bringing the mass to the center.


Precision Balances With Extended Resolution

Management of Liquids

– Resist inks on flat panels (glass)
– Coating materials on silicon wafers
– Moisture contents of catalysts
– Solder pastes and sealing materials on electronic parts
– Resins used for LED lenses
– Surface materials on optical lenses
– Grease in miniature bearings for hard disks

Management of Powders

– Medicines in pharmaceutical manufacturing – from full flow to minute flow
– Discharges (losses in weight) from feeders
– Wear volumes of metallic materials
– Cutting dust (contaminants) left on mechanical parts
– Particles caught by filters

Management of Gases

– Fill ration of hydrogen gas
– Gasified components

Production Line Weighing

– As precision check-weighing sensors with wider ranges

Catalogue: MC series ENG

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