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Weighing capacity310 g
Minimum weighing value0.1 mg
Percentage Min Div.0.01%
Counting Min Weight0.1mg
Repeatability/Std. Dev.0.0002g
Stabilization Time3.5 seconds (typically)
Sensitivity Drift±2ppm / °C (10°C~30°C / 50°F~86°F)
Display Refresh5 times per second / 10 times per second
Pan SizeØ85mm / 3.3inches
Physical Dimensionsmm249 (W) × 330 (D) × 328 (H)
inches9.8 (W) × 12.99 (D) × 12.91 (H)
Breeze Break Dimensionsmm178 (W) × 160 (D) × 233 (H)
inches7.01 (W) × 6.5 (D) × 9.17 (H)
Admissible Ambient Conditions5°C~40°C / 41°F~104°F RH less than 85%
Weight Approximately6.0kg / 13.2lb
PowerApprox. 11VA (supplied to the AC adapter)
Standard AccessoriesInstruction manual, AC Adapter, Reference Card

A unique system allows the user to conveniently open or close the left or right side of the weighing chamber using a control lever.
This system allows quick and efficient access to the weighing chamber.

One Touch Calibration

Allows quick calibration with one push of the CAL key.

Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting

Adapts automatically to the most suitable Environment Response Setting to minimize adverse external effects. “FAST”, “MID” or “SLOW” is displayed.

Automatic Self Calibration

Performs self calibration automatically when a change of ambient temperature exceeds the preset temperature range.

13 Multiple Weighing Units

g, mg, pcs, %, oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl, t (tola), m (messghal)

Two Layer Housing

Durable construction minimizes negative effects of ambient temperature changes.

Splash Proof Keyboard and Display

Protected from dust and spills.

Data Memory Function

Stores up to 200 sets of weighing data. Data can be output using numerical codes.

GLP/GMP Compliant

Allows GLP or LIMS balance management by outputting the balance ID number and weight used to calibrate the balance. The data can be output to A&D’s AD-8127 printer or a computer, indicating date, time, Balance ID number and calibration weight.

Space-Saving Design

The GR Series has a 30% smaller footprint compared with conventional balances. Its tall weighing chamber can accommodate large beakers. The glass panes disappear into the back when opening the door, requiring no extra space at the rear of the balance.


Ideal for density measurement and weighing magnetic substances

RS-232C Interface

Enables bi-directional communication with a PC or printer.

Quick Reference Card

A fast and convenient operation guide.

WinCT–Window Communication Tools

WinCT is Windows Communication Tools Software, providing easy transmission of weighing data from A&D Balances to a PC using RS-232C interface. Data can be transferred in a manageable format limited only by a PC’s capability.

WinCT consists of three applications:

RsKey         Allows weighing data to be directly pasted into a Windows application such as Microsoft Excel or Word, but this application cannot use “commands” to control the balance.

RsCom       Can transmit weighing data to a PC using a text file format and can transmit “commands” to control the balance. “Commands” include Calibrate, On/Off, Print, Query weight data, Re-zero, Range, Sample, Mode and Zero.

RsWeight  Can retrieve weighing data from a balance and display it in graph form on a PC screen in real-time. Maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation values of data can be calculated and displayed.

RsCom, RsKey and RsWeight offer user selectable time, date, sequential #, interval transmission and GLP/GMP data. A readme file contains all setup, operation & troubleshooting guides.

Catalogue: GR Series ENG

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