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3D Vina cung cấp bộ đồ gá cho máy đo 2D, máy đo 3d, máy đo CMM:
Detailed Product Description
Kits Components:105 PcsKits Material:Aluminum
Packing Suitcase:IncludedPacking Plate:Including
Surface Process:Anodizing


Flexible Vision Measurement Machine Fixture Package Kits Base Plate M 4 105 PC





The UNIMETRO FlexFix-V series vision measurement machine fixture is designed for fast and mass measuring. Transparent base plate is included, which is with outstanding flatness to ensure the optical path do not change when using the contour light. Offers clear image with low deformation.


Also in the 2D 3D compound measuring the FlexFix-V series is a powerful tool to ensure stable and repeatable fixturing of the parts. It is the best fixturing solution of the parts for the CNC automatic VMM programming.



Package solution


The FLexFix-V series vision measurement machine fixture package is including fixture kits and the base plate. Users are able to purchase a package or components separately. Please consult to our service staffs for more information.


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